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A Smarter Flight Assistant

Making fleet management and flight bookings a snap.

It's never been easier for an FBO to manage its aircraft, members and schedule. From aircraft maintenance to instructor schedules, and automated preflight reminders to weather notifications, the system does the heavy-lifting while you can focus on more important things--like member management, instruction, and, of course, flying!

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Cleared for take-off, and conditions are CAVOK! was developed from the ground up to be simple, intuitive, and meaningful. It only takes a few minutes to get started, and once you send your private survey link, workers can respond anonymously at their convenience as you monitor real-time results from your dashboard.

Simple Fleet Management

Manage multiple aircraft, availability and maintenance history, and make scheduling a snap for members!

Smart Flight Assistant

The system automatically communicates with members about their upcoming flights and helps them log important flight details.

Weather and Flight Data

Integrated station weather and pre-flight alerts to provide instructors and pilots with all the information they need for a perfect flight.

Community Messaging

Members participate in community conversations with email notifications to stay informed and up to date.

Online Billing and Payments

Make it easy for members to pay for their flights in only a few clicks, and easily monitor flight payment statuses.


Analyze historical flight hours against things like weather, wind gusts, cloud cover and visibility to better forecast utilization and revenues.

Aircraft Status Board

Allow members to view the real-time status of aircraft and important information such as hours until next service.

Qualification Management

Track member certifications, endorsements and ratings, and members receive automated expiry notifications.

Export Your Data

Slice, dice and filter your data, then export to Microsoft Excel for additional advanced reporting and analysis.

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