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Next Generation Flying Club Scheduling

For pilots. By pilots.

Aura Flight is a modern, intuitive and full-featured flight scheduling & operations management system designed specifically for flying clubs, aviation training centers, flight instructors, aviation students and licensed pilots. From simple aircraft management and scheduling to automated alerts and reminders, a moderated member forum to aircraft maintenance logging, an aircraft status board to real-time aviation weather, and flight conditions analytics built right into the system, the entire organization and its members stay on the same page to avoid turbulence.

Simple Scheduling

Simple Fleet Management

Weather and Flight Alerts

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Manage your members.

Members will love their flight management experience. From easy scheduling and instructor communications to pre-flight SMS alerts that include the latest weather briefings, it's like having a co-pilot on every flight.

Your members deserve the best.

Say goodbye to antiquated scheduling software that has a look and feel like it was built in the 1990s. Your members will appreciate how simple and modern Aura is, as well as all of the convenient and useful features they will experience.

Simple Scheduling

Full calendar integration, and direct communication between students and lfight instructors.

Smart Flight Assistant

Automatic updates about upcoming flights, instructor communications, and payment reminders.

Weather and Flight Alerts

Pilots and instructors receive pre-flight alerts with current METAR, TAF, and other relevant alerts.

Member Forum

Post messages for members to view and comment on, and allow members to do the same.

Online Payments

Members can pay for flights right from their dashboard, and funds are deposited directly into the bank.

Aircraft Status Board

Showcase the status of your entire aircraft fleet for members to reference and review before their flight.

Manage your fleet

It's never been easier to manage your aircraft fleet. From scheduling to maintenance, and performance to flight logs, take control of things right from your dashboard.

It's never been easier to manage your aircraft.

From aircraft scheduling and maintenance to flight logs and historical analyses, Aura will look after the details so you can focus on other things.

Simple Scheduling

Easily configure aircraft availability, maintenance intervals, rental costs, and pre-flight pilot notifications.

Flight Logs

View a complete history of your aircraft, filter by various details and export logs into Microsoft Excel.

Aircraft Status Board

Display a real-time aircraft status board in your flight office or hangar for status information and notifications.

Focus on what matters the most.

Let Aura take care of scheduling, aircraft logs, member profiles, and payments while you focus on safety and business development. Gain valuable insights into your business by way of historical analytics including club activity, weather, and other flight-related attributes.

Take your club to the next level.

While Aura does the heavy-lifting, you can focus on other important aspects related to club safety, operations, and growth.


Stay on top of the health and safety aspects of your organization, without unnecessary distraction.


Focus on the overall operation and efficiency of your club without having to deal with operational glitches.

Development & Growth

Spend more time on enhancing member value and get the word out that your club is well-managed and leading edge.

Take your club to the next level.

Get started with Aura today! We'll work with you every step of the way to ensure your free trial goes without a hitch.

It's super-easy to get started!

It takes only as few minutes to start your free trial (no credit card required) and have your club up and running. We're here with you every step of the way to ensure a smooth and successful experience.

Start FREE Trial

Create a profile for your club and easily configure your settings and preferences. This should take only a few minutes.

Add Aircraft

Configure your aircraft and get a unique link for your aircraft fleet status page for members to reference.

Invite Members

Easily create member profiles and Aura will send them email invites for immediate access.

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You might be wondering...

In short, your members will thank you! Not only have we been developing enterprise software for two decades, but we're also pilots. We've also been using other systems with various flight clubs and have been extremely disappointed with how old and antiquated they are, not to mention their lacking of modern features to bring additional benefits to members. Then we found out how much they! With Aura, you get a modern, simplified experience, unlimited resources and fearure access (no complicated plans and add-ons)...the list goes on--and all for a much lower cost than competitors. We're continually adding new features, and are very responsive to requests from our customers to make the experience even better.

Aura Flight was designed from the ground up with simple and intuitive data entry in mind. The first step is setting up your organization profile. From there you will configure your aircraft. Finally, you add your members (the system will send out email invitations to each new user with access instructions). That's about it! If you have a large amount of data to bring in to the system, just let us know--we're happy to help! Your members will thank you for making the change once they experience all of the features that will help their flights be even more enjoyable.

The platform was designed entirely around the privacy and confidentiality of member data. Not only is the connection between the user's browser and the application encrypted, so, too, is the database and data columns that store authentication data. Account security mechanisms are enabled by default, including suspicious activity notifications and automated account deactivations. Multi-factor authentication can also be enabled for any account and is mandatory for account managers.

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